1.About gas and gas detectors

QWhat is the origin of the word "gas"?

The word "gas" is a coined word made by JB Helmont (Yang · Pabtista · van Helmont) of Belgium (Flemish region), and is a Greek word "Khaos" meaning "chaos" (in Latin it is " It is said that it comes from Chaos ").

QWhat is a gas detection alarm device?

The gas detection alarm is a safety disaster prevention instrument that detects a gas and issues an alarm to preserve a safe working environment and to prevent disasters and accidents caused by gas.

QWhy is a gas detector necessary?

Gas detectors are necessary to reduce accidents caused by "gas" used in the field of any industry or to reduce the risk of occurrence.

The danger posed by gas can not be prevented with human power.

There are gases with color and smell, but if not, people are exposed to gas without knowing it. Some of the gas detectors detect danger by detecting these gases because there are dangerous gases that cause severe adverse effects on the human body even if a little aspiration is done.

2.About purchase of products, delivery date and estimate

QI'd like a quote.

Since it varies depending on the type, quantity, specification etc. of the products that you wish to purchase, please contact our local dealer or our sales office, excuse me.

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QI do not know how to purchase. Is it possible to purchase on the Internet?

Currently, we do not sell through the internet.

Sorry for your inconvenience but please contact your local sales office. We will introduce your local sales agent.

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3.About repair / inspection

QWhy do we need to inspect?

Gas detectors are precision instruments important for safety. Periodic maintenance is necessary to maintain the performance of the equipment so that it operates normally in case of emergency, and to improve reliability in disaster prevention.

According to the general high pressure gas safety regulation relationship example criteria, the standards for facilities to detect and alarm for leaks of flammable gas and toxic gas are set forth as follows.

"23. Gas leak detection alarm facility and installation location" (Outline)

"In maintenance management, periodically inspect and maintain according to the description of the instruction manual or specification"

"Record the results of inspection and maintenance, save for over 3 years"

"Calibration of indication value of gas leak detection alarm facility for special high pressure gas should be performed at least once every 6 months"

"To issue an alarm by circuit inspection related to warning more than once a month"

"Confirming that it operates normally by conducting an inspection related to detection and warning at least once a year"

Please do periodic inspection by our engineers with expert knowledge as well as daily inspection done by customers before using the equipment.

4. About the product

QThe product does not turn on. (Portable products)

There are several reasons when portable products do not turn on.

First of all, please check the following.

【Battery is extremely exhausted】

Please replace all installed batteries with new batteries.

【Time to press the power button is short】

When turning on the power, please press and hold the power button until you hear a "peep" sound.

【Battery mounting failure】

Please check whether the battery is correctly installed in the main unit.

(Is the orientation of the batteries correct? Is it fitted to the end?)

Q"FAIL" is displayed when turning on the power and the alarm does not stop ringing.
Please tell me how to deal with it.

Please turn off the power and restart it.

Still if there is no return to the normal detection state, there is a possibility of some failure.

Sorry, please contact your local dealer or our sales office.

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5. Other (Request for materials, etc.)

QI would like to ask a lender of the demonstration machine (sample machine), field test.

Sorry to trouble you but please contact your local dealer or our sales office.

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